Full-stack human, serverless fangirl

Hi! My name is Anna Spysz and I used to just write, edit, and translate things for a living—now I also code them (✨ feature upgrade ✨). Sometimes I also take pictures, and other times I make music. Mostly, though, I love to read, learn, and travel.

I was born in Poland 🇵🇱 but spent most of my childhood in Texas 🤠. After repatriating back to Poland for my MA, I came back to the U.S. in 2017 and now live in Portland, Oregon 🌲, where I started making building serverless apps more delightful (and visual) at Stackery and now do the same at AWS. I'm really into React, TypeScript, NodeJS, and AWS serverless, but above all, I'm obsessed with providing good documentation and making developer software accessible to users at all stages of their careers.

When I'm not coding or writing, I can be found button-mashing my Xbox controller, sampling local brews and food carts, or kung fu fighting at my local Wing Chun academy. In the past I wrote a book (ok, technically half) and used to write a lot about tech and startups before joining one myself.

Want to learn more? Find my social media links below, or download my resume.